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Education about tea essay. Tea is believed to be an important beverage in the Asia continent, brought to Europe by the Dutch hundreds of years ago. Today, it is another name for tea pleasure from the extreme corner of Ladakh to Buckingham Palace.

It has been rightly said by the people that no consensus is given on an ideal cup of tea. Although brew tea seems addictive to drink, the preferred method of preparation and taste varies from person to person and from region to region.

Today, many varieties of tea and tea brands are available in the country’s market. The tea bag is a new thing. It is easier, faster and less hassle than traditional methods of making tea. Green is popular in China and the Far East. In Japan, the tea ceremony is performed in a traditional way to greet guests and is also considered a social occasion. Unlike tea with which we are familiar, green tea is not drunk with sugar or milk. It is an olive colored liquid served in a porcelain cup. In Morocco, fresh mint leaves are also added to green tea.

Education about tea essay. Some scientists also believe that tea prevents tooth decay as it is considered a rich source of fluoride. Tea is a popular treatment for stomach upset, flu and diarrhea. According to research, drinking tea reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer and also lowers blood cholesterol levels. For tea drinkers in large quantities is a welcome idea.

  • यदि आप क्लास 10th के किसी भी विषय को पाठ वाइज (Lesson Wise) अध्ययन करना या देखना चाहते है, तो यहाँ पर  क्लिक करें  उसके बाद आप क्लास X के कोई भी विषय का अपने पसंद के अनुसार पाठ select करके अध्ययन कर सकते है ।

Tea about education Essay Word Notes :

Extreme-दूर-दराज के। Rightly-ठीक रूप में। Agreement-सहमति। Brew- पेय। Addictive आदत बनाने वाली। Preferred-पसन्द किया जाने वाला। Preparation-बनाना। Region-इलाका। Varieties-प्रकार। Troublesome-परेशानी उत्पन्न करने वाला। Traditional-पारम्परिकCere- mony-विधि। Olive colored liquid-जैतून के रंगवाला तरल। Porcelain-चीनी मिट्टी। Mint-पुदीना। Prevents-रोकता है। Decay-खराब होने की अवस्था। Fluoride-फ्लोराईड। Folk remedy-लोक इलाज।Upsets—गड़बड़ी Flu— फ़्लू | Diarrhea— दस्त Reduces—कम करती है Risk-खतरा Cholesterol- कॉलस्ट्रोल।