Ncert Class 10th English Chapter List first flight books 2023

In the introduction of Ncert Class 10th English Chapter List first flight books, all the chapters of the English book of class X are shown on the serial voice on this blog. If you want to read English, then click on the chapter headings. You can easily see all answer questions.

Ncert Class 10th English Chapter List first flight books

NCERT Class 10 English is divided into three parts

First Flight
Footprints without feet

Ncert class 10 English first flight (PROSE SECTION)

You will get all students to read the following chapters in NCERT Class 10th English First Flight,

  • Chapter 1. A Letter to God
  • Chapter 2. Nelson Mandela:Long Walk to Freedom
  • Chapter 3. Two Stories about Flying
  • Chapter 4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
  • Chapter 5. The Hundred Dresses–I
  • Chapter 6. The Hundred Dresses–II
  • Chapter 7. Glimpses of India
  • Chapter 8. Mijbil the Otter
  • Chapter 9. Madam Rides the Bus
  • Chapter 10. The Sermon at Benares
  • Chapter 11. The Proposal

Ncert class 10 English book chapters without footprints( POETRY SECTION)

The following chapters will be read in the English footprints book of NCERT class 10th

  • Chapter 1. A Triumph of Surgery
  • Chapter 2. The Thief’s Story
  • Chapter 3. The Midnight Visitor
  • Chapter 4. A Question of Trust
  • Chapter 5. Footprints without Feet
  • Chapter 6. The Making of a Scientist
  • Chapter 7. The Necklace
  • Chapter 8. The Hack Driver
  • Chapter 9. Bholi
  • Chapter 10. The Book That Saved the Earth

All the important lessons of NCERT Class 10 English Grammar are given below –

  • Tenses
  • Modals
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Subject-Verb Concord
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Clauses
  • Determiners
  • Prepositions
  • Integrated Grammar
  • Gap Filling
  • Editing
  • Omission
  • Sentence Reordering
  • Sentence Transformation
  • Punctuation
  • The reported Speech
  • Transformations

NCERT Class 10 English Reading

  • Type I Comprehension Passages
  • Type II Comprehension Passages

NCERT Class 10 English Writing

  • Letter Writing
  • Short Writing Task
  • Composition ( Based on /Verbal/ Visual Stimulus )
  • Ncert Class 10th English Chapter List first flight books 

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