Joint family system

Joint family introduction

Joint Family System Introduction, all of you students are welcome in this block post of joint family system. Today we will know what a joint family is, and how many members live under this family. We are going to discuss all these things in this blog post. Stay tuned in the blog post so that you can get detailed information about joint family system, so let’s start.

Number of members in joint family system

Under a joint family system, there are at least 10 to 15 members, and all people have a home to sit and eat, and if they do any work, they work together. It is seen with the same vision, they are not attached to each other. In this family, mother-father, brother-sister, uncle-aunt, fua, maternal grandmother are all living. That is why it is called joint family, joint. Living in a family is a bit different. There is no shortage of men. It is fun to share anything with your family. A joint family is a good family and everything is done collectively here.

Disintegration of joint family system

It is seen day by day that the number of such families in the country is falling apart day by day. The main reason for this is that the people of the family now prefer to go to work elsewhere. Out of the city, either in some other city has started going to work. In this way their families are slowly breaking up. Today there are very few families in the country who are living together.

Joint Family System Introduction Word-Notes: –

Joint-साझा I Undergone-गुजर गया है Drastic change—अधिक परिवर्तन Factors – कारण Disintegration-टूट -फूट I Employment-नौकरी Urban-शहरी Increasing- बढ़ रही है। Disputes-झगड़े। Sour-खराब। Opt-इच्छा करना। Traditional रीति-रिवाज के। Economic-आर्थिक। Support-सहायता।

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Joint family system in child development